Terrot safety bicycle

When we look at details, this bicycle is newer than 1895, but it's a safety in all of its ways.
What is modern?
Most important: look at the cranks, with the screwed in pedals. Then: look at the 'open' fork crown, which was common between 1896 and 1905 (roughly). Less important: look at the slim tangent spoke hubs, which became quite common in France around 1895-1896. 
Last illustration you see is from the 1894 catalogue, when this model was new. But it's different in a lot of details. I do not have the catalogues of 95-96-97. This model must have been built in one of those years. 

The bike has been restored and some parts have been changed or made new, like front brake, head badge, mudguards. 
But this Terrot is one of the oldest survivors of this French maker from the town of Dijon and the frame has a lot of details which indicate that Terrot really was a first class maker. Very characteristic is the double down tube.